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Business Studies

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Business Studies is a GCSE and A level course. Students in Year 9 have the opportunity of selecting this as an option for their GCSE studies. 

The Business Department endeavours to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes in pupils which will enable them to: 

  • Explore the economic aspects of their present lives and the organisation of production, consumption and distribution 
  • Develop an understanding of the economic, social and political systems and how these influence local, regional, national and international business behaviour and economic forces 
  • Prepare for the challenges, opportunities and experiences of the world of work 
  • Understand the economic, social and political environment within and outside business, and to consider ways in which they are able to influence business objectives, activities and decisions 
  • Understand how the main types of business and commercial institutions are organised, financed and operated, and how their relationships with other organisations, consumers, owners and society are regulated 
  • Develop an awareness of the nature and significance of innovation and change within the context of business 

Pupils will:

  • gain a broad understanding of business and be able to study selected areas in more depth 
  • develop skills, knowledge and understanding in business 
  • have an opportunity to apply learning in a practical and realistic way 
  • follow a programme of study that enables progression to both higher education and employment within business 
  • gain confidence through developing independent learning skills

Key Stage 4

The course consists of the following three units:

Unit 1 - Setting up a Business

This unit introduces students to issues concerning the setting up and operation of a business. It explores the activities of business and the reasons for success or failure. It encourages students to appreciate that businesses must operate within society and that this involves businesses engaging with a wide range of stakeholders who will hold differing perspectives.

This is a 1 hour examination worth 40% of the qualification.

Unit 2 – Managing a Business

This unit develops knowledge from Unit 1 and allows students to learn about a growing business.  It will further develop their understanding of operational, financial, marketing and human resource elements of business.

This is a 1 hour examination worth 35% of the qualification.

Unit 3 – Controlled Assessment

AQA will provide a pre-released material which will require students to undertake a business investigation. Students are required to investigate a local business and prepare a business report that offers recommendations for improvement for their chosen business. 

Students will have 3 hours to write their report under examination conditions.  It is worth 25% of the qualification.

Examination Board: AQA

New Business Studies 9 – 1 GCSE Course outline (from September 2017)

Section 1:

Business in the real world Influences on business

Business operations Human resources

How it's assessed:

  • Exam: 1 hour 45 mins •90 marks •50 % of GCSE

Section 2:

Business in the real world Influences on business

Marketing Finance

How it's assessed:

  • Exam: 1 hour 45 mins • 90 marks • 50 % of GCSE

Exam board: AQA

Key Stage 5

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